Alicia Smith

Alicia is passionate about yoga, teaching, traveling and living a holistic lifestyle. Innately sensitive and intuitive, Alicia’s found dedication to living a conscious life and serving others as her life’s work.

Originally from New Hampshire, Alicia now resides and teaches in Lake Tahoe, CA.  Her yoga journey began long before she even realized and came to fruition during her time living in New York City. When her driven, passionate 23-year-old self graduated college from Fairfield University and moved to NYC is when the shift of her life’s purpose really occurred. It was the first time she didn’t have her safety net of family, friends, and nature nearby. She was bombarded with the sensation of feeling alone in a very big city and was anxiously working to build a career in the fast-paced, high-powered production industry. Eventually she started seeking something that would ease her anxiety and feel support within herself, similar to the feeling she experienced from being in nature.

Alicia found sanctuary in a tiny Brooklyn studio which became the escape from city life and the place where she found what she was searching for. This is where she completed her first 200hr yoga teacher training and became a Yoga Alliance certified teacher. Soon after, she quit the job that was toxic for her soul and moved to California.

Since then she has been teaching regularly in North Lake Tahoe and recently completed the 200hr Luminous Heart Institute yoga teacher training with Kadri Kurgun and Nancy Goodfellow in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica in September 2018.

All in all, she is the happiest when she shares yoga and her life experiences to help others find balance, cultivate authenticity, and be their best emotionally and physically.

Mike Richardson


Abby Jacob

I am Abby Jacob and I love yoga. I love to practice and I love to teach. This practice has been a path of self-actualization, ultimately uniting me to source love. Yoga has allowed me to see myself from a higher perspective and a clear lens. Before yoga, I went about my days operating from my unconscious mind and emotions. As I showed up, practiced, sweated, cried, inverted and chanted the light began to shine, true illumination came forth. What was once a cruel world was now a place of endless possibilities. What was once self-limiting beliefs is now self-love. What was once struggle is now eased. Thank you yoga, I am forever grateful and transformed. I am endlessly inspired by my favorite teachers Rusty Wells, Janet Stone, Shaelah Morris, Mike Richardson and Melissa Martinez. I earned my YTT 200 hours with Shaelah Morris at Studio Tahoe in 2014 and have been spreading the Bhakti love ever since. I teach a devotional practice through chanting, pranayama, and asana. I challenge my students to their edge while holding a safe space for their exploration. Join me on the journey of self-discovery and mastery through this magical gift of yoga.